Promoting Young People’s Mental Health in a Digital World

The social worlds that children and young people occupy are increasingly complex, and there are urgent public and professional concerns that children’s mental health is at risk. Of the many influences on children’s mental health, this network examines and intervenes in the processes of growing up in a digital world.


A Strategy of Exploration for Better Understanding


What new practice models are required to promote effective interventions and positive mental health trajectories for youth?


How does the digital environment intersect with traditional influences on children – family, school, peers?


How could the design and deployment of digital platforms and interventions better promote youth mental health in the UK?


How do we equip parents, teachers, practitioners, policy makers and youth themselves with information, support and resources that promote positive mental health in a contemporary (and future) digital age?

New Environments - New Knowledge

The Nurture Network believes it is vital to bring the latest multi-disciplinary evidence to bear on policy and practice. This will help answer the recent media speculation linking mental ill-health and the use of digital technologies. More important, it will help policy makers and practitioners identify the significance for children’s mental health of a growing range of new technologies impacting on the reality of children’s social worlds, self-expression and developing identity.