Nurture Network - UKRI Funded

The Nurture Network (eNurture) is a UKRI funded network that fosters new collaborations to promote children and young people’s mental health in a digital world. Over the next four years (2018-2023), the network will bring together academic researchers, professional advisers and partners from public, private and third sector organisations.

As a network of cross-disciplinary professionals, eNurture will:



Explore how the digital environment is changing how children interact with family, school and peers and what these changes mean for children’s mental health.



Develop strategies to recognise and disentangle digital risks from opportunities in intervention programmes designed to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people.



Connect the latest evidence with emerging practice models involving digital platforms and interventions so as to reduce negative mental health trajectories for children and young people.

The network will engage a collaborative, cross-sectoral approach to facilitating impacts by directly engaging academic, charity, industry, policy and front-line beneficiaries (e.g. families, parents, schools, teachers, children and young people). It will offer new funding opportunities to explore and stimulate ideas and initiatives. It will also commission innovative research to inform efforts to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people growing up in a digital age.



An Opportunity to Provide Evidence Based Support and Resources

Our main challenge and opportunity is to equip parents, teachers, practitioners, policy makers and young people with evidence, support and resources that promote positive mental health – for today’s generation of children and young people (tomorrow’s generation of adults and parents) .